Thursday, January 21, 2010

Final Week of "Flying With English Wings"

    Skyblue Pegasus, Skyblue Pegaus, What do you see?  I see a Yellow Snowman looking at me.

                      I see a Yellow Snowman Looking at Me!

My favorite result of the "commercials" my class made --"Wow! I'm so happy!  Happy gum make funny and smile.  Oh! It's Yummy"

     Last day of district winter English camp

                             My students at my school's winter English camp!

t's hard to believe that English camp is finally over tomorrow!  After 2 weeks of district camp (Fly With English Wings) and 1 week of camp at my school, I am ready to be finished with camp.  I thought camp would be really fun, and while it is definitely really easy, no one, including me, wants to be there.  District camp ended with a talent show- I am going to try to post videos above.  The kids were really cute!  At my school's camp this week, things have been pretty uneventful, but most of my lessons have not gone as planned.  The first day, we watched a bunch of commercials, and I put the kids in groups so they could make their own commercials.  All of the groups made pictures of an advertisement, most of which did not make any sense.  Unfortunately, I think this activity was way over their head (see photos above).  I also played Twister (no one understood the rules), and did a scavenger hunt (never do this.  Ever.)  What I hoped would be a really fun week, has mostly frustrated me.  I do not have a co-teacher during camp so explaining directions is really difficult.  

The best part of camp, however, was today.  We read Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see? and then I explained (in what I thought was very clear and explicit manner) to pick any animal and any color and make your own page and we were going to make a class book.  I even wrote the directions on the board:
-Draw any animal
-Color it
-Write "I see a _____________ looking at me." at the bottom.

I told them to be creative and I thought it would work out well. I was excited to make our book. I should have monitored better so I guess this is partly my fault that I ended up with 3 skyblue pegasus', 4 pink rabbits, 2 playboy bunnies, 1 blue unicorn, and 1 yellow snowman.  

Our book now reads something like this: "Skyblue Pegasus Skyblue Pegasus What do you see?  I see a playboy bunny looking at me." 

These kids literally could not tell me what the weather was like today, but when it comes to skyblue pegasus' and playboy theyre really on top of their english.  

I leave tomorrow for a 9 day much needed vacation in Cambodia!  I will be sure and let you all about that when I return on the 1st of February!


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  1. That snowman has evil looking eyes. Fried eggs gone bad.