Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of work

Hey there!
The first day of work is going well.  I got to school at 8:15 -they told me 8:30 but it doesnt hurt to be early.  Everyone is very nice.  Kim, my advisor, met me at the gate of the school.  She brought me to the principal's office and then sat me down at my new desk in the faculty room.  After this I had to go to the broadcasting room and introduce myself on morning announcements.  It was really awkward but I'm pretty sure no one knew what I was saying so it was fine.  I forgot to bow at the end/I didn't know I was supposed to bow.  I finally caught on but it was awkward, and I hope I didn't offend anyone.  Anyway, Kim had to go teach- I'm still quarantined and cant be around kids for a few days, so I'm currently sitting alone now at my desk for "free time."  I dont have the curriculum book or I would start working on lesson plans.  I had to go to the principal's office earlier- he and the 2 vice principal's were nice and gave me tea.  He said that I had to learn Korean.  Yikes. I'm going to try, but I hope he doesn't hold me to that! He also said to be careful with my check card.  He said "My daughter go to Canada. 1 year.  She has _ and he held up the card- and he goes. Lost. And she call. She cry. you. Careful."  Ok.  Then they talked to me a little more, but I mostly didn't understand.  They told me I was very beautiful though and they also said I had good "sensations" whatever that means.  Anyway, everyone is nice and I'm having fun so far.

My first weekend in Seoul was great.  We went out Saturday night which was really fun- I'm about a 45 min. subway ride to the Itaewon stop which is where all the fun foreign bars are.  It is far, but no further than uptown/downtown in Manhattan. There are 9 SMOE people in my building which is nice- me and 2 other girls- Angie and Arianna went out together.   This is great because we can share cabs home together too.  The subways close about 12. We went to this really fun bar called Wolfhound- it was packed and so fun.  Then we went and got street food and walked around.  I ended up taking a cab back about 2:30.  I loved Itaewon and what I've seen of Seoul nightlife, but it's going to be rough when it gets cold.  Sunday, I woke up and had a late lunch.  We went to a little Korean restaurant and ate something unidentifiable but really good.  I was really hungry so it was fine.  Spicy but good. Then we went to the market down the street.  The market is amazing.  I also loaded up on more household necessities, but I will buy more when I finally get paid at the end of September.  Miss you all!

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