Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thai Massage experience


I am still enjoying Chiang Mai.  Yesterday, we did our peerteach in the morning—it went well.  Friday is our first day in the Thai schools so that will be fun but kind of scary because we have so many observers.  After lunch in our afternoon session we did really not useful things like learn about interjections and phrases such as “Alas! He is dead.”  Always useful.  Then after class, 4 other girls and I went to have Thai massages.  I’ve never had a massage before, but apparently if you have a Thai massage you never want to get one anywhere else.  We also heard that its best to do it at the blind places because the blind give really good massages.  So we find this blind massage parlor and go in- it smells like a hospital and kind of looks like some sort of insane asylum on the inside.  We lay down on these little cots and all these blind people come out – I got the 1 hour thai massage for 150bhat which is like maybe 5 bucks.  Anyway, I essentially paid 5 dollars to get beat up by a tiny thai blind man who was climbing all over me like a monkey.  They actually like beat on you.  At one point, he was massaging my ankles then picked up both my feet and when I didn’t even expect it, he swiftly popped every single one of my toes at one time.  I yelped.  I saw Katy next to me getting all of her fingers popped.  I was like NO WAY.  So when he started on my arms, I balled up my fists because I didn’t know how to say please don’t pop my knuckles in thai.  He kept trying to undo my fist, but I was like no no no thank you.  Anyway, luckily I lived through my thai massage- next time I think I may go for the oil massage- I think they don’t beat you in that one. 

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  1. It sounds like you really had a good time with your Thai Massage treatment. I can understand your fear of having your knuckles popped. I'm scared of that too. And I also agree that blind people are good at giving massages.